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We are the New Zealand Card Collectors Club (officially called the Cartophilic Society of NZ Inc), which has been running since 1975. Take the time and see what we offer.


Card collecting has been a hobby enjoyed by people around the world for over 120 years.  At some stage, most products (including cigarettes) have included some type of giveaway card set for purchasers to collect, with a wide range of topics to choose from.  New Zealand is no different, with cards given away with various food products, petrol stations, sports teams and even movie theatres. 

In more recent years we have also seen commercial cards arrive, that is cards produced by a company and sold in packets with no other product included such as the cards from Futura, Tap-n-Play, Top Trumps and others.

Many collectors have a theme to which they collect, it may be flowers, trains, cricketers, golfers, etc or an issuer such as Wills, Ogdens or it maybe a type of card, large silk’s for example. Whatever your interest, we are sure there is a set of cards just for you.

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