Cardlines #248

This issue of Cardlines (August 2023, Issue 248) is an example of the quarterly publication that is sent to members by mail OR email depending on the membership type you choose. Taking the Email option makes sure you get it on the day it is sent and the membership fee recognises the fact we don't actually have to send physical copies via the postal system.

This example issue is a big 44 pages (10mb), some may be bigger and others smaller as content varies.

The content relies on Members sending articles to the Editor, as well as editor created ones. You may find a fact or issue that you think will help other members, send it in to the editor ( for inclusion in a future Cardlines. This makes sure facts and updates get distributed to the WHOLE club and can be found in the future when you come across a "rare find".

The other important thing is the Auction pages where you can pickup great bargins that fill gaps in your collection.

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